The National Council of Visitors is a group of nationally and internationally respected leaders who are enthusiastically committed to support of the MIND Institute’s mission of advancing research into the causes of and treatments for neurodevelopmental disabilities, and to ensuring superior patient care to individuals diagnosed with these conditions.

The council’s goals are to:

Promote the MIND Institute nationally and internationally

Initiate and contribute ideas, expertise and influence

Strengthen relationships with diverse communities served by the UC Davis MIND Institute

Secure support for the MIND Institute by making personal commitments and identifying others who can and will make a significant philanthropic gift to the Institute

Len AbbedutoLeonard Abbeduto, Ph.D.
Director, UC Davis MIND Institute

Sacramento, California

Dr. Abbeduto’s research at the UC Davis MIND Institute focuses on the development of language across the lifespan in individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders. His current projects focus on the factors accounting for variation in the course of language in children, adolescents, and young adults with fragile X syndrome, autism, or Down syndrome. These projects seek to identify the behavioral, biological, and environmental influences that shape language in these conditions.

Lynda Canel

Lynda Canel
Highland Park, Illinois

Lynda Canel is a resident of Highland Park, Ill. She and her husband Scott have two children, one who has fragile X syndrome. Lynda discovered the UC Davis MIND Institute Fragile X Research and Treatment Center during her ongoing search for the most leading-edge treatments for her daughter. Lynda also served for 10 years on the board of directors of the National Fragile X Foundation with MIND Institute Medical Director Randi Hagerman, through whom she became familiar with the MIND Institute and Randi and Paul Hagerman’s fragile X investigations. Lynda is committed to her daughter’s care and has made a personal philanthropic commitment to the MIND Institute to support fragile X research.

Chrysa DemosChrysa Demos
Stony Brook, New York
Chrysa Demos is a resident of Stony Brook, N.Y., and a Sacramento native. Her parents, Angelo and Sofia Tsakopoulos, established the Tsakopoulos-Vismara Endowed Chair, held by the Executive Director of the MIND Institute and are one of the MIND Institute’s Founding Families. Chrysa’s personal connection to the MIND Institute stems from her deep respect and admiration for Dr. Louis Vismara. Chrysa has been a dedicated member of the local MIND Advisory Council for several years and she remains committed to supporting the philanthropic efforts of the MIND Institute throughout the East Coast region. Chrysa served as vice president of AKT Development Corporation, the largest land development company in Sacramento.

Sarah GardnerSarah Gardner
Sacramento, California

Sarah Gardner is a resident of Sacramento, Calif. She and her husband Chuck are among the MIND Institute’s founding families. Sarah and Chuck are the parents of two children, one of whom, their son, has autism. A former news anchor for KCRA Channel 3, Sarah has been a member of the MIND Institute Advisory Council since 2007. During more than a decade of involvement and as a Founding Family member, Sarah has been an enthusiastic advocate for and leader of philanthropic efforts on behalf of the institute. Sarah remains committed to the institute’s mission of finding treatments, causes and preventions for autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders.

Linette GillLinette Gill
Elk Grove, California

Linette Gill is a resident of Elk Grove, CA and is a wife, mother of three children, a realtor and special needs advocate. Linette and her husband, Ed, have a personal connection and long history with the UC Davis MIND Institute. Their two sons were diagnosed with autism at the age of 3. Her passionate support for the MIND Institute stems from her personal journey and experience of caring for her sons and others with special needs. As a teacher’s assistant, Linette worked in the Elk Grove public schools. While working with Pre-K to 6th grade students in the Resource Center for Learning Disabilities, Linette supported students with autism as well as other learning disabilities. Linette has seen first-hand the benefits of early intervention for her sons and for countless other young people. Linette also understands it takes a village to support and fill this enormous need as families are approaching the adult transition phase. She shares the mission to bring families out of isolation and into collaboration with others to implement effective solutions. Linette is committed to the philanthropic efforts needed to support the UC Davis MIND Institute.

Gail Goldstein Heyman

Gail Goldstein Heyman
Marietta, Georgia

Gail Goldstein Heyman is a resident of Marietta, Ga., and is the president and co-founder of the Fragile X Association of Georgia. Her longtime career as a dental hygienist inspired her passion for service and community activism. Gail serves on several local and national boards and has been recognized by many organizations for her service. She and her husband, Lyons Heyman, Jr., became involved with efforts to support fragile X research when their adult son, Scott, was diagnosed with fragile X syndrome as a young boy. Through an interesting fusion of dentistry and medical research, Gail and her family made a unique personal contribution to fragile X research by donating her son’s extracted wisdom teeth for the purpose of stem cell research for fragile X syndrome. Gail enthusiastically shares the MIND Institute’s vision to uncover the causes of, and find new and more effective treatments for, neurodevelopmental disorders such as fragile X syndrome.

Larry Krantz Larry Krantz
Bronxville, New York

Larry is a resident of Bronxville, New York. He is the founder of the New York law firm Krantz & Berman LLP, where he currently represents public and private companies in both criminal and civil matters. Prior to founding Krantz & Berman, Larry was a federal prosecutor and has over thirty years of trial and appellate litigation experience. He has been involved in numerous high profile cases and has successfully tried a wealth of criminal and civil cases in federal and state courts. Larry’s relationship with the MIND Institute and Dr. Randi Hagerman, Medical Director and Endowed Chair in Fragile X Research, developed long ago from his own personal experience with fragile X syndrome. Larry is the father of a 17 year old son who has been diagnosed with fragile X syndrome. He also has a 19 year old daughter whose life has been affected by Fragile X. For many years Larry and his family have been generous supporters of the innovative fragile X research conducted at the Institute. Larry remains committed to supporting the mission of the MIND Institute and to help move forward the discovery of new and more effective treatments for fragile X syndrome and related neurodevelopmental disorders.

Neal Robb

Neal Robb
Manhattan Beach, California

Neal Robb is a resident of Manhattan Beach, Calif. He is a litigator specializing in defending financial services firms, handling large and complex litigation. Neal and his wife Carolyn have a son who has been diagnosed with fragile X syndrome and autism. Neal is a former director and two-term president of the Fragile X Association of Southern California. Neal and Carolyn are very active in charitable organizations in their community and with the Manhattan Beach School District. Neal is a committed parent who is dedicated to the mission of the MIND Institute to find the causes of and new and more effective treatments for neurodevelopmental disorders.

Michelle Montna Vogt Michelle Montna Vogt
Woodland, California

Michelle Montna Vogt is a resident of Woodland, Calif. She and her sister Nicole help manage their family’s rice farm, Montna Farms, located in Yuba City, Calif. The farm sits on land that has been in Michelle’s family since the 1800s. Michelle and her husband Casey have four children. At age 3 their son was diagnosed with autism and was evaluated at the MIND Institute. Today her son is an active 7 year old, participates in the MIND Institute social skills program, and is making great progress. Michelle’s mother, Gail Montna, is an active member of the MIND Institute Advisory Council. Michelle and her family are committed to finding the best treatments and therapies for individuals with autism. To help support the advancement of autism research, the Montna family has made a personal philanthropic commitment to the MIND Institute.

Lynn VolkertsLynn Volkerts
El Macero, California
Lynn Volkerts is a resident of El Macero, California. Lynn’s passion for the MIND Institute stems from her two granddaughters who were diagnosed with autism and began beneficial treatments at the MIND Institute. Lynn is a retired cosmetologist and now serves as the president of her family’s foundation, the George and Lena Valente Foundation, which was created by her parents. Through Lynn and the foundation’s generosity, the MIND Institute has been able to expand autism research and their assistance to families in need of services. Lynn is actively invested in a goal to improve the lives of families dealing with neurodevelopmental disorders.

Helen ZaccariHelen Zaccari
Sacramento, California
Helen Zaccari lived in San Diego until 2007 when she was recruited to UC Davis as the Associate University Librarian for Administrative Services. Helen and her husband Frank are residents of Sacramento, CA. Her advocacy and passion for helping families affected by neurodevelopmental disorders grew out of her experiences with her son, Sean, who was diagnosed with ADHD in first grade. Helen quickly learned that not all schools and personnel are equipped to provide the support that students like Sean need to develop optimally. So, Helen took on a one-woman crusade to work with Sean’s schools to improve their understanding and skill in providing services to children with ADHD. She also has seen the benefits for students and families when school personal are compassionate and well versed in working with individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders. Her experiences have solidified Helen’s commitment and passion for supporting the development of effective treatments, programs, and services for individuals with ADHD and their families.